Is the hCG Diet Safe for the Blood Sugar?

Do you have normal blood sugar levels? If so, you can pretty much follow any diet plan that is available out there.

If you are suffering from high or low blood sugar levels, though, you need to be concerned about which type of diets you’re going to follow.

The hCG diet, albeit effective for weight loss, is a calorie restricted diet that might have a profound effect on people who have issues with their blood sugar levels.

In this article, I will talk about the hCG diet and if it affects your blood sugar levels at all.

Before you start with any diet plan, not just the hCG diet, you need to consult first with your physician and dietitian. Make sure that they give you the go signal before you start dieting.

Now, the hCG diet is a heavily calorie-restricted diet in that you need to limit your calorie intake per day so that the hCG diet can really burn those fats.

Given the fact, the premise of the hCG diet is where you will eat only 500 calories per day and introduce the hCG hormone to your body via hCG injections or hCG shots.

However, you must remember that what I’ve said is just the popular phase 2 of the diet; the hCG diet plan entails 4 phases.

The first phase of the hCG diet is where your blood sugar levels might be higher than other phases. The first phase or the “loading” phase is where you will eat a lot of calories to basically tell your body that it is preparing for the strenuous hCG diet journey.

Since you will be eating a lot of food, your blood sugar levels might rise. It is recommended that you eat 2000-2500 calories per day before embarking on phase 2 of the hCG diet.

Phase 2 is where you will eat only 500 calories per day and slowly introducing the hCG hormone to your system.

Phase 3 is where you will gradually increase your calorie intake until you reach 1500 calories per day.

And finally, phase 4 is the maintenance stage where you should eat 1800-2000 calories per day.

The only phases where your blood sugar levels might rise are phase 1 and phase 4 of the hCG diet.

But, does it rise to really high levels that you should be alarmed? No, it doesn’t. Even though phase 1 of the hCG diet allows you to eat a lot, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your blood sugar levels will be at very high levels.

Furthermore, if your blood sugar levels rise on phase 1, your blood sugar levels will gradually decrease when you enter phase 2 and phase 3 of the hCG diet.

With that being said, the hCG diet is effective and it is pretty safe to do. If you fear about doing the hCG diet, just consult with your physician beforehand.

The hCG diet is every effective for weight loss and it is pretty much safe for your blood sugar levels.